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Product Sourcing, Manufacturing consulting

Product sample customization

Import & export, compliance consulting

Price negotiation with suppliers

We Help Grow Your Business

Our Canadian-based business is not only a China sourcing company, but your long term partner. We tailor our services to best support your business.


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Lowest Prices

We negotiate on your behalf, and we aim to beat prices found on Alibaba.

How we Work

Your agent will help you search as many suppliers in China, and get you the most competitive price according to your product requirements. He can also help you evaluate the total cost for massively production, shipping and custom duty to your country.

Your agent help you collect product samples from different suppliers (could be your suppliers), check quality and ship to you in one box, thus you can save a lot of shipping fee. He can also help you customize samples with your logos, requirements, making them look the same as your bulk order.

We offer free consulting for any pieces of knowledge related to import, export, compliances, certifications, etc.

We can help you verify Chinese suppliers, to see if they are legit if they are real manufacturers, middlemen or trading companies.

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